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Lightning Policy

Anytime during a game, when thunder is heard or lightning is seen, the game is suspended immediately.  There is a 30-minute waiting period before the game can resume.  Take cover/seek shelter/safety if necessary.  If thunder is heard or lightning is seen, the 30 minute time-frame starts again.


Reschedule procedure Rain Out/Fields Close (U13-U19)  Air Quality Monitoring Guideline
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Rules and regulations are found on the SWEMSA website.

*Please note that HPCL runs the community outdoor program and we do not allow the use of cleats or soccer-type shoes in the U5 and U7 programs.  We have this in place for the safety of the players.  We do not want a child to be kicked or stepped on by a player wearing cleats when they are learning to play the game.


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Heritage Point Community League
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