A Heritage Point Community League Project


Just north of the Johnny Bright School playground, the same site used for the temporary snowbank rink in 2019

Rutherford Rink Location


A permanent rink that provides the community a place to make connections with neighbours.


A survey of community residents confirmed the rink as the top priority of league resources


We are currently in the planning stage and expect to start skating in December 2023

What community members are excited about

“Aiden (left) “I think it would be great to be able to skate with all my friends and even skate at the rink at school too!” ” I am excited to have an ice rink so close to home that I can walk to as well.” Dylan (right) “I want to learn to skate with my friends! Maybe we could even go skating for gym class!”

Aiden & Dylan


“I have so many great memories of playing shinny at the local community rink. It was always a fantastic way to spend time outside with my friends through the winter. Looking forward to seeing my kids do the same.”

John Politopoulos



“I always loved having a rink nearby when I was growing up, and can’t wait for my kids to have that opportunity!”

Raj Patel




A skating rink is the heart of the community, where families come together. Can’t wait for Rutherford Community to have a rink!


Project Update

The Rutherford Rink Project has Five Phases:

Rutherford Rink Phases

Heritage Point Community Rink Progress Update

We are thrilled to keep you updated on the strides we are making in bringing the Heritage Point Community Rink to life!

Having successfully navigated through the concept phase, we are deep into the design phase, meticulously preparing the project for implementation. This involves collaborating closely with our Project Manager and Design Consultant to draft the design and construction drawings, and ensuring we have the necessary funds for permits and other associated costs.

Current Phase: Design

As we forge ahead in the design phase, we are in a period of anticipation, awaiting several pivotal reports and reviews that will shape the final design of our rink. This includes the final survey report, soil testing, and feedback from Epcor on various essential utilities such as water, sewer, storm design, and underground power design. The culmination of this meticulous preparation will be the submission of our application for the necessary permits, a significant step forward in our journey.

Fundraising Milestones

We are overjoyed to share that our fundraising efforts have been fruitful, bringing us closer to our financial goal day by day. A significant boost came with the award of the CLIP Grant this summer, a substantial addition of $400,000 to our funds. This achievement takes our total to an encouraging $900,000, representing over 80% of our target. We remain open to and excited about community fundraising ideas, especially unique ways to recognize our generous donors, as we continue to apply for grants to bridge the remaining gap.

Learning and Adapting

Throughout the project, we have visited many rinks in the Edmonton area and have learned something from each one of them. These visits have spurred us to obtain revised quotes for semi-permanent structures, a necessary interim step before we can realize our vision for permanent facilities.


Based on seasonal considerations, we’ve received advice to postpone the pouring of the concrete base until spring. This adjustment means we’re now targeting Winter 2024 for our inaugural skate on the new rink.

We are immensely grateful for the community’s ongoing support and feedback. Your involvement is not just aiding us in reaching our financial goal but is instrumental in shaping a rink that we all can be proud of.

Thank you for staying engaged in this exciting journey. We are eager to see where our collective efforts and spirit of community will take us as we inch closer to the finish line.

Estimated Construction Costs

$975,000 – $1,100,000

Rutherford Rink Estimated Construction Cost


How can you help?




We will need to raise $200,000 with our Community and Corporate Fundraising Campaign.

Please contact our ice rink committee at icerinkcommittee@heritagepointcl.ca

or just click the button to donate:


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