Outdoor Soccer 2022



Age Group Information and Fees


Age Group Birth Year Fees Playing Days
U5 2017/2018 $100 Saturday AM
U7 2015/2016 $130 Mon/Wed
U9 2013/2014 $160 Tue/Thu
U11 2011/2012 $170 Mon/Wed
U13 2009/2010 $180 Tue/Thu
U15 2007/2008 $190 Mon/Wed
U17 2005/2006 $200 Tue/Thu
U19 2003/2004 $220 Sun/Tue

    *playing days are tentative and subject to change*

Tentative season start date – May 1, 2022


How to Register

Registration will be completed online this season. Please follow the directions below. Your registration will not be complete and your child will not be placed on a team until all 4 steps are done. On-time registration ends on February 28, 2022


 1. A current Heritage Point Community League membership is mandatory to register for soccer

Membership information is available at www.heritagepointcl.ca/membership    

You can purchase a membership at www.efcl.org. Online purchase allows you to access your membership number immediately after purchase. A membership number is required to finish step 2.

If you live in Chappelle or Blackmud Creek, you will need to register in those communities.


2.  Register and pay online (by credit card) at www.emsasoccerportal.com

If this is your first time registering, you will need to create an account. Please choose an email account you check regularly as this is how we contact you. 

When registering, select Heritage Point as your community. Even if you’re requesting a community transfer.

If you have a friend request, coach request or community transfer request it can be made while registering. While we cannot guarantee requests, we do our best to accommodate them.

We encourage everyone to pay online while registering on the EMSA portal. If you need to pay by cheque, you can submit it with your volunteer deposit (information in step 4).

No cash or bank drafts will be accepted. 


3. Submit documents

Once you have registered online, submit the documents below. Please scan or take a photo of the documents below and email them to:


    • Proof of child’s age – Birth certificate, passport or Alberta Health Care card
    • Proof of address – Parent driver’s license, utility bill or property tax assessment 
    • Heritage Point Community League Membership Card


4. Volunteer Deposit

We require a $200 Volunteer Deposit. Once you have completed your volunteer duty, your cheque will be destroyed. Only one deposit is required per family. If there are not enough volunteer opportunities this year due to the pandemic, your volunteer deposit will not be cashed. Our soccer program is volunteer run and we rely on community volunteers help for a successful program. 

*Write your child or children’s names in the memo line*

Pay to the order of: HPCL

Amount: $200

Post-dated to: September 30, 2022

Mail to:

Heritage Point Community League

Attn: Sports Director

Post Office Box 22510 Southbrook 

Edmonton AB T6W 0C3

Fee payment with cheque (if not done online with credit card):

Pay to the order of HPCL

Amount: As per age group fee chart

Dated: Current date (will be cashed once collected from PO BOX)

*Please write your child or children’s names in the memo line*

If you have any questions related to registration please contact the soccer administrator at soccer@heritagepointcl.ca


2022 Outdoor Soccer Refund Policy

Visit the policy here.


Late Registration

On-time registration ends February 28, 2022. Registrations received after this date will be wait-listed based on availability and are required to submit a $50 late fee along with all other requirements of registration.

Contact the Soccer Administrator at soccer@heritagepointcl.ca for details on how to complete your late registration.


Financial Assistance

If you require financial assistance, there is help available through Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart http://jumpstart.canadiantire.ca/en.html or KidSport www.kidsportcanada.ca/alberta/edmonton/. Please visit their website for more information.


Competitive Club Information

If your child is trying out for SWEMSA’s competitive club, SW Sting, indicate so on the online registration. If you would like to hold a community league spot pending try-out results, indicate on your online registration. If your child is selected for a SW Sting team, a $10 administration fee will be applied. You then must pay the fee differential to SW Sting.

If your child is trying out for another club team (Scottish United, Warriors, etc.) add a comment on your online registration form. Heritage Point only transfers fees to SWEMSA’s Competitive Club.  We do not transfer fees to any other Competitive Club program.  Program withdrawal/refund policies apply.


Soccer Program Administrator:

Sports Director:


Mail Address:

Heritage Point Community League
Attn: Soccer Administrator
Post Office Box 25529 Callaghan
Edmonton AB T6W 4N8

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