Our community soccer program is a volunteer-driven program and we rely on the contributions from members to make it a success.  We ask that one parent/guardian per household with a child playing in the program donate some of their time.  There are many opportunities to help out with both soccer and non-soccer activities with varying time commitments.  The different opportunities will be listed in the on-line registration process where you can select what works best for your household.  We ask that you be flexible with your volunteer position as teams are not formed based on volunteer duties.  At the start of the season, the Coach will outline what volunteer positions need to be filled in order for your team to be successful.

As part of the registration process, we ask for a $200 volunteer deposit cheque post-dated September 30.  Once you have completed an outlined volunteer position, your deposit cheque will be destroyed.

Soccer-related volunteer activities may include but are not limited to:

Coach – the leader of the team who guides and inspires the players and is a role model.  He or she is a good communicator, motivator and creates a team atmosphere.  The coach not only helps develops the player’s skills but also the love for the game.  No prior experience is needed, training and support is provided.

Without a coach, we do not have a team.  One challenge we run into each year is not enough coaches for the number of players registered.  If we don’t have a coach, your player many not play in this community or worst case, we will have to regretfully fold a team.  Please consider being a coach for your child’s team.  Please refer to the Coaching section to see how Heritage Point supports our coaches.

Assistant Coach – person who supports the Coach of the team, prepares the players for line changes, assists with running drills and/or practices.  He or she is the Coach when the Coach is absent.  No prior experience is needed, training and support is provided.  Please refer to the Coaching section to see how Heritage Point supports our coaches.

Team Helpers – can include any of the following roles and will be decided by the Coach on the team:

  • Team manager – person who supports the coaching team with duties such as keeping the team organized for games and tournaments, assisting the coach team with coordinating parents, assisting the coaches with administrative tasks such as entering game scores into the system.
  • Equipment manager – responsible for all the equipment loaned to the team from Heritage Point.  This includes picking up the equipment at the beginning of the season on the scheduled date and returning all the equipment at the end of the season on the scheduled date.  Equipment includes but is not limited to balls, nets, cones, corner flags etc.
  • Communications – person is responsible for checking field status (from the City of Edmonton) and communicating to the entire team of any game changes or cancellations.
  • First aid manager – the person is required to bring the supplied first aid kit and binder to all games, complete and submit incident report form, and contact the Soccer Administrator if kit supplies need to be replenished.  This person must be able to attend all games or be able to pass the kit to another parent if they are unable to attend a game.
  • Team administrator (U11 and up) – volunteer who completes and submit game sheets by the stated time to the appropriate person, completes attendance, tracks rotation of lines on the field to ensure equal playing times for all players.
  • Referee liaison (U9 and up) – the person maintains respectful communication and dialogue with referee(s).  The person is the liaison between coaches, parents and referees.
  • Photo/medal distribution – volunteer is responsible to pick up the team’s medals and photos at the scheduled time and bring them to the Coach for distribution at the end of the season.
  • Field inspector – volunteer who inspects the entire playing area and spectator area before the game and ensures a safe playing field for the players.

Soccer registration – volunteers who help at the in-person registration sessions including helping players register, checking and collecting registration forms, welcoming registrants, supporting the program and community, etc.

Pre-season or post-season helpers – volunteers have the opportunity to help with equipment preparation, equipment distribution or equipment return, inventory, sport medal preparation/distribution or other administrative duties.

Non-soccer volunteer activities may include but are not limited to:

Community Volunteer – volunteers who help at community events such as volunteer appreciation, BBQ, fundraising casino, community league day, Canada Day, etc.  Duties and positions are assigned as needed.  These may include but are not limited to helping organize an event, picking up or dropping of supplies as needed, supervising an area or table, greeting and welcoming members, etc.

Other volunteer opportunities with the community can also be found on the Get Involved section of the website.

If you wish to decline to volunteer, you can make that selection during your on-line registration and an additional $200 fee is paid with the registration fee.

For more information about volunteering or if you have questions, please contact soccer@heritagepointcl.ca or volunteer@heritagepointcl.ca



You do not need previous experience to volunteer as a coach.  Heritage Point invests in our volunteer coaches.  The Alberta Soccer Association encourages all coaches to have access to training courses appropriate for the age level they will be coaching.  HPCL will pay for one coach from each team to partake in these valuable courses.  Coaching courses are run by EMSA SW, EMSA or ASA.  More information will be available at the start of the season.  Heritage Point also provides coaching support.

All Team Officials (Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers) must register as a Team Official in the on-line system through your household account.  After logging in, click on the Register a Team Official button.  Find and click on your name.  Fill out as much of the information as possible.  When you get to the waiver, you must scroll to the bottom before clicking the box acknowledging you’ve read it.

All team officials are required to submit a Police Information Check.  The cost is covered by the League.

Coaches and Assistant Coaches are required to attend mandatory meetings before the season starts.  The Heritage Point coaches meeting will be held in April where the coach will receive their Coach’s bag, team jerseys and hear about important information regarding the upcoming season. Registered coaches will be receiving information regarding this meeting via email.

Coaches for U9-U19 teams are required to also attend an EMSA SW Zone Pre-season Meeting in April to hear about filling out game books, tournaments, post season play, new EMSA rules, etc.


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