Current (2018) Bylaws


The legal name of the organization will be “Heritage Point Community League,” hereinafter referred to as “the League.”



The League shall encompass that portion of the City of Edmonton with boundaries described as follows: From the intersection point of Anthony Henday Drive and 111 Street SW traveling southbound on 111 Street to James Mowatt Trail SW. Travel southwest on James Mowatt Trail SW to the intersection at 22 Avenue SW. Travel westbound along 22 Avenue SW following the loop to the intersection at 26 Avenue SW, travel northwest along 26 Avenue SW to the intersection at 127 Street SW. Travel north along 127 Street SW to the intersection point at Anthony Henday Drive. And finally, travel eastbound along Anthony Henday Drive to the intersection at 111 Street SW. The boundaries are to follow the center lines of the indicated roadways.



3.1 Definitions

In these Bylaws, the following words have these meanings.

3.1.1 Annual General Meeting means the annual general meeting described in Article 5.1.

3.1.2 Board means the Board of Directors of this League.

3.1.3 Bylaws mean the Bylaws of this League as amended.

3.1.4 Director means any person elected or appointed to the Board. This includes the President and the immediate Past President.

3.1.5 General Meeting means the Annual General Meeting and a Special General Meeting.

3.1.6 Member means a Member of the League

3.1.7 Register of Members means the register maintained by the Board of Directors containing the names of the Members of the League.

3.1.8 Special Meeting means the special general meeting described in Article 5.2.

3.1.9 Special Resolution means: A resolution passed at a General Meeting of the membership of this League. There must be fourteen (14) days’ notice for this meeting. The notice must state the proposed resolution. There must be approval by a vote of 75% of the voting Members who vote in person; A resolution proposed and passed as a Special Resolution at a General Meeting with less than fourteen (14) days’ notice. All the Voting Members eligible to attend and vote at the General Meeting must agree; or A resolution agreed to in writing by all the Voting Members who are eligible to vote on the resolution in person at a General Meeting.

3.1.10 Voting Member means a Member entitled to vote at the meetings of the League.



4.1 Classification of Members

Any resident within the stated boundaries will be a full Member upon payment of the membership fee, provided he/she agrees with the objectives of the league. There are six categories of Members:

4.1.1 Family – Members reside in one household and act as a family unit, any additional member of a family over 18 may vote provided they purchase a Single membership.

4.1.2 Senior – Members over 55 years of age.

4.1.3 Single – Member is any adult over the age of the majority.

4.1.4 Adult – Member any couple residing in one household with no children.

4.1.5 Honorary Life Membership may be conferred upon anyone, with one vote per Member, who has made significant, positive Contribution to the League. Directors who have served two terms as a member of the Executive Committee of the Board or three terms as non-Executive Committee member are eligible. This Membership can also be conferred upon a long-term volunteer on a case-by-case basis. The decision for presenting candidates with an Honorary Lifetime Membership will be at the sole discretion of the Board and will require a majority vote of the current Board at the time of the presentation or nomination.

4.1.6 Affiliate – Member is any adult residing in one household outside of the stated boundaries and wishes to purchase a membership in the League to participate in League events or activities that require membership. Affiliate members are encouraged to obtain a membership in the community league in which they reside where available. Affiliate Members may attend meetings of the League, but are not Voting Members as defined in 4.4.2. Affiliate Members may volunteer for the League in any capacity except for as a Director.

4.2 Admission of Members

Any individual may become a Member in the appropriate category by meeting the requirements in Article 4.1. The individual will be entered as a Member under the appropriate category in the Register of Members.

4.3 Membership Fees

4.3.1 The membership year is a twelve (12) month period starting September 1 to August 31.

4.3.2 The Board decides annual membership fees for each category of Members at the Annual General Meeting. Fees may be changed at any time at the sole discretion of the Board and requires at least two thirds (2/3) of the supporting votes from the Board.

4.3.3 Affiliate Members will pay the same annual membership fees as all other classes of Members.

4.4 Rights and Privileges of Members

4.4.1 Any Member in good standing is entitled to: Receive notice of meetings of the League; Attend any meeting of the League; Speak at any meeting of the League; and Exercise other rights and privileges given to Members in these bylaws.

4.4.2 Voting Members:

Only Members in good standing (as defined in Article 4.4.3.) can vote at meetings of the League based on the following: Family Members are eligible for up to two (2) votes per household. Senior Members are eligible for up to two (2) votes per household. Single Members are eligible for one (1) vote per household. Adult Members are eligible for two (2) votes per household Honorary Life Members are eligible for one (1) vote per household. Affiliate Members are not voting members of the League.

4.4.3 Member in Good Standing: Has paid membership fees or other required fees to the League; and Is not suspended as a Member as provided for under Article 4.5.

4.5 Suspension of Membership

4.5.1 Decision to Suspend

The Executive Committee (Article 6.4.3) will be empowered to expel any member from membership or a Director from office for one or more of the following reasons: If the Member has failed to abide by the Bylaws and/or the Code of Conduct applicable to the individual Member or Director; If the Member has disrupted meetings or functions of the League; or If the Member has done or failed to do anything judged to be harmful to the League.

4.5.2 Notice to the Member The affected Member will receive written notice of the Executive Committee’s intention to deal with whether that Member should be suspended or not. The Member will receive at least seven (7) days’ written notice before the Special Meeting. The notice will be sent by mail to the last known address of the Member shown in the records of the League. The notice may also be hand-delivered by a Director of the Board. The notice will state the reasons why suspension is being considered and the length of time for the suspension.

4.5.3 Decision of the Board The Member will have an opportunity to appear before the Board to address the matter. The Board may allow one other person to accompany the Member. The Board will determine how the matter will be dealt with, and may limit the time given the Member to address the Board. The Board may exclude the Member from its discussion of the matter, including the deciding vote. Quorum for such a hearing will be two thirds (2/3) of the Board, not including the potentially suspended Director, if applicable. The decision of the Board is final.

4.6 Termination of Membership

4.6.1 Resignation Any Member may resign from the League by sending or delivering a written notice to the Secretary or President of the League. Once the notice is received, the Member’s name is removed from the Register of Members. The Member is considered to have ceased being a Member on the date his/her name is removed from the Register of Members.

4.6.2 Death

The membership of a Member is ended upon his/her death.

4.6.3 Deemed Withdrawal If a Member has not paid the annual membership fees or has moved outside of the defined community league boundary, the Member is considered to have submitted his/her resignation. In this case, the name of the Member is removed from the Register of Members. The Member is considered to have ceased being a Member on the date his/her name is removed from the Register of Members.

4.6.4 Expulsion The Executive Committee will be given the power to expel any members from membership or a Director from office for any conduct deemed injurious to the league or its purposes. The decision of the Executive Committee is final. All complaints heard before the Executive Committee must be in writing and marked ‘Confidential and Without Prejudice’. Such complaints must specify the bylaw violation or injurious behavior and cite attempts at discipline prior to the complaint being filed. Pending a full and proper hearing, such Member or Director will be placed on suspension. The Member or Director will be given seven (7) days’ written notice (r mail or hand delivery) for the hearing. The Executive Committee will hear the Member’s or Director’s case. Quorum for such a hearing will be two thirds (2/3) of the sitting Directors. The Executive Committee will debate the matter “in private” and render a written decision within seventy two (72) hours. At the conclusion of the hearing the majority vote of the Executive Committee will prevail. If the individual fails to attend the hearing without reason, the termination will be effective immediately. The Board of Directors may remove any Director from office, without a hearing, if he/she is absent from any three (3) consecutive meetings without notice and/or a reasonable excuse; where “notice” is defined as, “at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start time of the meeting unless in the case of a personal emergency.” On passage of the Executive Committee decision, the name of the Member is removed from the Register of Members. The Member is considered to have ceased being a Member on the date his/her name is removed from the Register of Members. In the case of a removal of a Director, the decision will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting immediately following the decision.

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