General Manager

  • responsible for all areas of the casino (cash cage, count room, gaming floor)
  • some administrative experience is helpful but not essential


  • supervises the cash cage including documenting all cash cage transactions, ensuring security of the chips and cash
  • assists the cashiers by monitoring their pay outs
  • some administrative experience is helpful but not essential


  • role is similar to a bank teller – you cash out a player’s chips
  • you do not sell chips or cash out slot machine coupons
  • this job requires concentration and accuracy (not speed)
  • cash-handling and customer service skills would be an asset
  • if you are colour-blind, we would advise against this position

Chip Runner

  • transfers chips from the main bank to game tables and vice versa
  • you will always be accompanied by security or a manager during your deliveries
  • this position isn’t usually busy except at the opening and closing of the casino day
  • you should be able to carry up to 2.5 kg or 5 lbs of chips in their delivery racks
  • you will be moving around the casino floor to make the deliveries

Count Room Supervisor

  • oversees the count room and maintains records of cash and chips by the count room staff

Count Room Staff

  • sorts, counts or records the cash from the gaming tables
  • cash handling skills an asset but not necessary
  • you should be good working with your hands



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