Alexander Rutherford Concept D:


Alexander Rutherford Playground Concept D was one of 4 rough draft drawing options provided by City of Edmonton architects for the community to vote on for potential use of the space at Alexander Rutherford park. This drawing was done by the City of Edmonton to save costs, as a concept for use of the space was recommended by the City to the committee for the Alexander Rutherford Playground expansion project completed September 2017.

The concept that the community selected was option D. A survey to select which concept was presented both by an in-person meeting held at Johnny Bright School and well as through an online survey sent to members of the community which closed June 30, 2014. As the survey contains personal information of residents in the community, HPCL is unable to make public the details/comments received, as we fall under PIPA (Provincial Privacy Protection Act). Please contact: for further information.

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