Feedback on Concept Designs for Alexander Rutherford Park

HPCL needs more feedback on potential options for the use of our designated Community League land.


Since we are in the process of funding an expansion to the playground on the Alexander Rutherford Park site (near Johnny Bright School), the city architect wants to have a rough design for the whole area.


Please click on and view the 4 options below and answer the questions about your preferences using the survey link. Much of the land under the trees is designated Community League land as well, just to clarify.


Note: this feedback will NOT determine what we will build exactly (i.e., rink vs. tennis courts, or hall vs. basketball court), just where the facilities would go IF we can build them in the future.


The survey will be active for the month of June, closing at midnight on June 30, 2014.


Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback.



OPTION A        OPTION B        OPTION C        OPTION D



Which option do you prefer? Please tell us using this SURVEY.

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