Soccer Update – Return to Train

As the province moves into Phase 2 of re-launch, Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) has outlined a Return to Train Soccer plan.  They continue to work with Canadian Soccer Association, Health Authorities and the City of Edmonton to safely get players back onto the pitch.  A recent email was sent out by Edmonton Minor Soccer Association South West (SWEMSA) to registered participants which outlined some of the following:

  • health and safety protocol
  • tentative program dates
  • waivers for participating players
  • request to indicate whether player remains in the program or withdraws
  • request to indicate whether you would be willing to be certified as a Coach

Note: in a previous email, some age groups (2012 and up) and goal keepers were excluded from the Return to Train soccer plan.   Phase 2 allows for all age groups to participate in Return to Soccer (see ASA phase 2 memo below).


A copy of the SWEMSA’s recent email: SWEMSA email – Return to Train

Copies of the waiver can be found in the Soccer Registration System (you will need your login and password)

Click here to indicate whether your child(ren) remains or withdraws from the program

Click here to indicate whether you would be willing to be certified to be a Coach

Alberta Soccer Association held a webinar about Return to Train, click here to view it

See below for memos from Alberta Soccer Association:

More information can also be found on SWEMSA‘s website.


As additional information becomes available, we will be posting it to our website.

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