Icy walks – Community Sandboxes

The City of Edmonton provides free sand during winter for residents to use on icy sidewalks and walkways. Visit the City of Edmonton website for locations of sandboxes.

HPCL has a sandbox located at Johnny Bright School – on the sidewalk on the north side of the parking lot (drop off zone) and another in MacEwan near the playground. Note these locations are not listed on the City of Edmonton website map. HPCL has requested that the sandboxes be filled, however the requests do take time and the demand is high. The City’s website says that sand is provided as time permits, “activities such as plowing, blading and sanding roads take priority”.

Sandboxes have been requested and are pending for Desrochers (at St Thomas Aquinas School) and in Chappelle (at Donald R Getty School). 

Residents can contact 311 to submit a request or complaint regarding neighbourhood sandboxes. The City may be more responsive if they hear from multiple residents.

The next closest location for free sand is the Ambleside Eco Station at 14710 Ellerslie Rd. Remember to bring your own container.

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