HPCL Soccer Program Uncertain with no Sports Director

Community League soccer has strong roots in Heritage Point. It is one of the reasons our League was formed in 2006 and is the most widely used of all our programs.

HPCL soccer has been overseen by an interim Sports Director for the past two years. This individual will be stepping down at the end of July 2019. In order for HPCL to continue running the program in the next indoor/outdoor season (Fall 2019/Spring 2020), we need one to three volunteers from the community to step up and lead the program. The responsibilities can be split up into separate areas (e.g., committees) that can be managed effectively by a small team of dedicated people. Without this support, our Board will need to make the tough decision on whether to discontinue the indoor and outdoor community soccer program next year. This could mean that in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020, children would register and play in other surrounding communities.

Below are the responsibilities of the Sports Director volunteer position, which could be split between multiple individuals/committees. If you believe in the program and want to ensure its future in our community, now is the time to act!

Please contact communications@heritagepointcl.ca to express interest in this role or if you have questions.

Did you know?

  • HPCL operates the largest community soccer program in Edmonton
  • The HPCL outdoor soccer program supports 500 – 700 players in 40 – 50 teams each Spring
  • HPCL sponsors indoor soccer for 100 – 200 community players in 5 – 15 teams each Fall
  • The majority of HPCL memberships are purchased as a result of the outdoor soccer program
  • HPCL supplies soccer participants and coaches with equipment (balls, nets, jerseys) and training


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