Rick’s Ribs Menu

Ribs (pork):
4 Bones $10
8 Bones $18

Small $4
Large $6

Cornbread (mini-loaf) $4
Smoked Sausage on a Bun $7
Black Bean Corn Salad $3
Pop/Water $2


The Hat Menu

Green onion cake $5
Veggie spring rolls $5
Three cheese baked mac n cheese with bacon $10
Jumbo hot dog and fries $10
Poutine with real cheese curd $10
Butter chicken and rice $10
Home made Dry ribs and fries $10
Jumbo wings $10
Yam fries $8
Mango lassi $5
Pop and water $2
New Orleans shaved ice bowls and ice cream $6 per bowl (various flavours of shaved ice)
Pinocchio ice cream cups $6


Cookies & Cones Menu

Ice cream is $5
Cookies are $6
See flavours


CJs Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Ice Tea
Cotton Candy
Candy Bags
Sno Cones

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